Tarantulas as Pets, What Makes the Tarantula a Great Pet?

Tarantulas as Pets

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What first comes to mind when you think of tarantulas as pets? For most of us, the Arachnophobia in us naturally leads us to not so good thoughts. We tend to associate Tarantulas with fear. However, this fear only comes about because of how little we know about these little critters. Fear no more as I start to de-scarify these creepy crawlys for you, but providing you with knowledge on these spiders. Tarantulas are a type of spider that are called the Theraphosidae and currently there have been over 900 of these identified. So, enough with the history buffs oand nto the main question, what makes a Tarantula a great pet?

Tarantulas as Pets, What Makes the Tarantula a Great Pet?
Brachypelma smithi , common name Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

What Makes a Tarantula a Great Pet?

  • A Tarantula is easy to care for (You literally have to feed it 3 – 4 times a week, tarantulas never eat for months in the wild.)
  • Conversation topic (I mean come on, how many people do you know have tarantulas?)
  • Absolutely fascinating to watch (seeing these spiders in their most primitive environment)

When You Should Not Consider Tarantulas as Pets

  • Want a pet you can cuddle (handling of the tarantula contributes to unnecessary stress )
  •  Want a very active pet (tarantulas spend a great deal of their time doing absolutely nothing)
  • Afraid of seeing live prey getting devoured (this can be a ghastly sight if you are uncomfortable with it)

Are Tarantulas Dangerous?

All tarantulas carry a certain amount of venom in their bites and although not fatal, it can leave a sting (comparable to a bee sting). The Venom is only strong enough to kill preys or comparable size. However, like bee stings, some of us have allergies and that could prove to be fatal. So, getting bit by a tarantula is still no fun. In general, most tarantulas would rather flee than fight.

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Something else to keep in mind when handling a tarantula is that, they do “urticating hairs”. This is usually their primary means of scaring off a predator. These tarantulas release these hairs on their abdomens which causes irritation and itching. These hairs are released by vigorously rubbing their abdomens. These hairs (almost naked to the eye), works their way through the skin which causes the irritation. NEVER rub your eyes after handling a tarantula or cleaning its terrarium, always rinse your hands after if handling becomes necessary.

When Choosing Tarantulas as Pets

There is a ton of tarantulas out there for sale, however, there are only a hand picked few that I would consider for a beginner hobbyist. The following list of tarantulas are listed for their amazing temperament and docile behaviors. Although, they all do “flick hairs”, they are not quick to do so and would much rather flee than fight.

In the end, tarantulas do make great pets.  However, because owning a tarantula is not so mainstream, the proper care and maintenance for these spiders are often hard to find. For those who do their due diligence and do sufficient research on a specific tarantula they are interested in, they are often rewarded with a healthy and fascinating pet.

*** This is an article by Edward Lim, who shares his expertise at www.tarantulapets.com. You can also find Tarantula Pets on Facebook.


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