Torus Water Bowl Review, For Dogs on the Go

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Torus Water Bowl Review

Torus Water Bowl Review

I had never heard of the Torus Water Bowl until I was approached by Heyrex.  I looked into it and thought it was the coolest thing since the invention of sliced bread.

Y’all remember Jake?  He LOVES reviews, especially when they involve him.

Torus Water Bowl Review For Dogs on the Go. I love this bowl. Check out my review to find out why. It's perfect for you and your dog(s)!


The Torus Water Bowl is a sort of donut-shaped bowl that holds 1/2 gallon (2 liters) of water in its reservoir.  This means that you have approximately two days’ worth of water for most dogs and even more for your cat.

It’s so easy to use.  Simply fill the water reservoir and “close” until ready to use.  Once you open it, (an image of a dog on the dial), water flows out freely through a slotted opening, but closes as it reaches a certain fill point.  This ensures that the bowl doesn’t over-fill, and is a wonderful feature if you’re used to having a sloppy water-drinking dog leaving a mess behind.  The water replenished itself with fresh water as your dog (or cat) drinks.

Torus Water Bowl Review


You can use this indoors if you want, but it’s perfect for going on trips or outings with your dog(s)!  It’s perfect for this!  Just fill the bowl, turn to Off, toss it in your trunk and off you go.  Fido needs a drink?  Just turn the dial to “Dog”, and voila!  Fresh, clean, cool water.  No fuss, no muss!

Because the water replenishes itself as the dog drinks, the water doesn’t go stale or tepid.  The bowl is insulated so the water stays cooler for longer periods. It’s made of Food Grade Polypropylene and is not coated with BPA or any other substance. Nice!

Torus Water Bowl Review


You can even leave it on the floor in the back seat of your car without worrying (too much) about water spillage.  The Torus bowl is portable, super sturdy, and will last for years, I’m sure.

The Torus Water Bowl even comes in a nifty clear plastic container in the same shape as the bowl.  This is nice if you live in a place like I do — lots of dirt roads.  In order words, lots of dust.  It keeps the bowl dust-free and clean.

Why do you need a Torus Water Bowl?

I can’t think of how many times I’ve found myself on an outing with my dogs and realized I’d forgotten to bring a bowl for them.  Even if I thought to bring one, and brought water along too, the water would be yucky warm on those hot summer days.  That’s the beauty of the Torus bowl — the water stays cool and always readily available.

About the FiltersTorus Water Bowl Review

The Torus bowl uses activated carbon filters to remove any impurities, guaranteeing your pet has access to clean, fresh, water every time. Each filter comprises a plastic moulded cone with perforated walls which allow water to “flow through”. The activated carbon attracts sediment, equivalent to 2-stage home filter removing ionized chemicals used in treating water.

Each Torus filter lasts for approximately a month, so each pack of five filters gives your pet approximately five months of fresh, clean water. The Torus bowl comes with one filter to get you started.

Torus Water Bowl Review Bottom Line?  I’m giving it a big THUMBS UP!

thumbs up

Torus Water Bowl Review


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54 thoughts on “Torus Water Bowl Review, For Dogs on the Go”

    • YES! It sure would. It is so convenient and easy to use. I used to use those collapsible things, which are fine for hiking, but on trips, this Torus bowl beats all. I love that it keeps the water cool, especially. Thanks for entering, and good luck to you!

  1. I think my pups would love this! One is a very messy drinker so I love that it regulates the water level for her. And the other only wants water that is cool, so the fact that it keeps water cool would help her to stay hydrated.

  2. I have a 9 month old female pit. She is my Baby. She goes everywhere with me. This bowl would be great for travel and home use. When i get something to drink i expect it to be cold so therefore i would want her to have a cold drink everytime. I also would have piece of mind knowing that every drink is filtered.

  3. I’ve got nine dogs, including three rescues…seven of them, including one of the rescues are shelties and though my other two reacues hate the car, all of the shelties LOVE going on rides. This bowl would be PERFECT to use for our car rides and trips and MUCH easier to give them water than using a regular bowl as I normally do which invariably always gets spilled or splashed. I’d never heard of this bowl beforehand so thanks for both the chance to win and for the awesome review and introducing me to it!

  4. Thanks for such an informative and thorough review about the water bowl giveaway. It is reassuring to know that our pets will be getting clean and cool water. It’s great that it comes with a filter that really sanitizes the water on a regular basis.

  5. I have to travel from VA to FL every year with pets and children. This bowl will be perfect for the road trips. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Well, between having five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds of my own and the fact that I’m a volunteer rescue transport driver, I’m always on the go with dogs. This would be great for us!

  7. I would love to win this for my Leonard because it is so hard to find watering stations at parks around here for pups. and if you do you kinda don’t want to let them drink from it because you don’t know what was there before you. So this would be an awesome gift to have.

  8. I love this bowl!!! I am on a spring water system and still worry about small contaminants getting in. I have a main filter but would love having that bowl with the filters to be sure and it hold enough so that changing or filling it can be every other day….Good Idea!


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