Bird Brain: What to Know Before Buying the Birdcage

What to Know Before Buying the Birdcage

Having a bird for a pet is a good choice if you’re living in a residence where dogs and cats are not permitted. While birds do require daily care, this pet does not need walks outside. In addition, most pet birds are quiet, helping to avoid disturbing neighbors. Before buying the birdcage and bringing a bird home as a pet, there are several supplies needed to maintain its health. Finding supplies for a pet bird is easy at online and local pet stores.

Bird Brain: What to Know Before Buying the Birdcage

What to Know Before Buying the Birdcage


Each species of bird requires a particular formula of birdseed to keep its feathers strong and shiny. After choosing the type of bird to own, make sure to buy the correct type of birdseed. Sometimes birds have a preference for a certain brand, so begin by purchasing a smaller container to see if they eat it quickly. According to Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital, there are also birdseed formulas packaged for special needs such as when the pet has a vitamin deficiency.

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Caged, or pet birds require a cuttlebone to provide additional calcium for the creature. The calcium consumed from the cuttlebone helps to strengthen the bird’s beak and internal bone structure. A bird will peck at the cuttlebone to collect tiny particles to consume. The action of pecking at the cuttlebone is also great exercise for a bird. Most cuttlebones are fastened onto the wires of a birdcage for easy access at any time of the day or night.

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There are several accessories that help to make a bird more comfortable and active inside its birdcage. Several perches or sticks wedged onto the wires of the birdcage give it a place to walk and stand. Tiny plastic cups are also wedged onto the wires to hold birdseed and fresh water. Additional fun supplies to have are toys that provide exercise for the bird and are also enjoyable for the pet owner. Toys for birds often have small mirrors, colorful balls, or tiny ladders.

Buying the Birdcage and Stand

A birdcage is vital for a pet bird to keep it in a safe location and to avoid dangers. Without a cage a bird will fly around inside a home, hitting windows and walls. If an exterior door opens accidentally, the pet will fly away. An Anchorage AK veterinary says the correct size of a birdcage depends on the species of bird with larger varieties needing a bigger one. Many bird owners also choose to purchase a birdcage with an attached stand rather than setting it on a tabletop.

Bird Brain: What to Know Before Buying the Birdcage

Types of Birds to Have as a Pet

The most common types of birds kept as pets include canaries, parakeets, and lovebirds. It is also possible to own more exotic birds such as parrots or cockatiels that require a lot of space. Whatever type of bird that someone has as a pet, it is essential to know where the nearest veterinarian hospital is located if an injury or illness occurs that requires emergency treatment. A veterinarian can also provide helpful advice concerning the routine care of a pet bird.

Getting a feathered friend is a great new adventure and an unusual pet that will grow with you. With the right supplies, you can be ready for anything unexpected.

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What to Know Before Buying the Birdcage
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10 thoughts on “Bird Brain: What to Know Before Buying the Birdcage”

  1. I used to have 7 parakeets. I always had a cuttlebone in there. They loved it. That and the birdbath in the door were their (and my-in watching them) favorite things.

  2. I didn’t know that cuttlebones were important. I didn’t know that just pecking at the cuttlebone was good for the bird. Now it makes more sense why every bird should have one. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have a 7 month old Quaker (who Im love with) that Ive never seen mess with her cuttle bone. I didn’t hand raise her, I got her at about 4 months old. It seems like she chews everything but that. Any suggestions? Great cage advice.

  4. I was blessed with budgies, zebra finches, cockatiels, and a grossbilled larch. The Larch was an injured bird that a neighbor had found and felt I needed it. Boy he was a challenge. First I had to take him to the vets- a cat had gotten one wing. But As he got better, we became real close friends. I had him for about 6 years which I was told by the vet he didn’t think I could ever tame him. The rest were a;; gifts and they were all great fun a bird friends go. I would let the cockateils out of the cage sometimes– they were so messy, but fun.

    • Ah, a bird lady! It definitely sounds like you’re a fan of birds. My fiance is a bird man. He used to have many birds years ago, and now he’s thinking of starting up again. I’d love that. They’re so precious. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, Dianna. 🙂

    • That’s cool, Christine. I never had birds, but I had a school friend that had budgies and I was always fascinated by them. Now I watch them in the wild and take photos of them. Thanks for checking out my post! Take care!

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