10 Unique Cat Breeds: Most Unusual-Looking Cats

10 Unique Cat Breeds

When most people think of a cat, they envision pointy ears, a fluffy coat, and a long, swirly tail. These are defining characteristics of most cats – but some cat breeds put a unique twist on some of these features. Here are some unique cat breeds you may not have heard of.

1. American Curl

10 most unique cat breeds
American Curl

This cat gets its name from its ears; this cat is easily defined by the ‘curl’ of his ears. The ears are also slightly smaller than other breeds. You’ll need to be careful not to damage the delicate cartilage, so outdoor play or roughhousing with other animals in the house is probably not ideal. They originated from California, as the result of a mutation in a litter of house cats. With plenty of fur and typical cat-attitude, they make great lap partners!

2. Cornish Rex

10 Unique Cat Breeds
Cornish Rex

Some describe these breeds as ‘dog-like’ because they are happy to retrieve all kinds of things their owners throw across the room. (Just don’t tell them, they have their dignity to protect!) Along with this unusual trait, they have soft wavy fur but are not prone to shedding, making them easy to take care of.

They have a curvy, slender body with muscular thighs and legs, making them powerful ‘leapers.’ Just watch them jump across the room at high speed! These breeds make a great addition to households with kids and cat-friendly dogs.

3. Devon Rex

10 Most Unique Cat Breeds
Devon Rex

These breeds are quite intelligent and can learn complicated tricks; they originated in England in the mid-1960s. These cats are characterized by their large ears, wavy coat, and slender, curvy bodies. They are quite playful and can handle other pets in the home, as well as children as long as the cats are treated with respect and kindness. While they are not completely fur-less, their coat is extremely thin, making them a great option for those who don’t want to vacuum up cat fur all day long.

4. Khao Manee

10 Most Unique Cat Breeds
Khao Manee

Khao Manee or ‘white gem’ are relatively rare and are native to Thailand. They are characterized by their solid white coat, with either blue or gold eyes, or even one of each, earning their nickname, “Diamond Eye.” This breed dates back hundreds of years and is known for its intelligence and crafty ways.

This breed is also known to be the most expensive, so if you’re looking for a Khao Manee, have your wallet ready! They are active, communicative and have only recently arrived in the Western world. While many people confuse these cats with the Siamese breed, they are nothing alike. According to history, the Khao Manee cats were kept exclusively by the Siam royals.

5. LaPerm

Most people envision of a cat with pointy ears, a fluffy coat, and a long, swirly tail. Here are some unique cat breeds you may not know about

So named because their fur looks like it’s just been permed! These adorable breeds come in a variety of colors and have a tight, curly coat that makes them an excellent choice for those with allergies. Their fur is thickest around their neck, tail, and stomach. They are very affectionate and are also quite intelligent.

This breed originated from Oregon, when a barn cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, one of them being completely different than the rest, with wide-spaced ears and curly fur. Their hair can range from slightly wavy to full ringlets.

6. Munchkin

10 Most Unique Cat Breeds

This breed is characterized by its short legs, making them look more like a kitten than a full-grown cat, thanks to a genetic mutation that causes dwarfism. Don’t let their looks fool you, though. These low-riders are great hunters and love to play just as much as their long-legged counterparts.

They have plenty of energy and are quite affectionate, making them ideal house pets for busy families. If you’re going to let them outdoors, you’ll have to keep a close eye on them, as they can fall prey to other small animals.

7. Scottish Fold

10 Most Unique Cat Breeds
Scottish Fold

Thanks to a genetic mutation, these cats sport ears that are folded forward, which gives them a very distinguished look – but breeders have to take great care when breeding them; if two folds are bred together, it could mean further mutations, which wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing.  Therefore, not all cats within this breed have folded ears! They make great ‘helpers’ around the house and will participate in whatever you’re doing. They love to be around their humans and are great with kids. They are also very intelligent.

8. Selkirk Rex

10 Unique Cat Breeds
Selkirk Rex

At first glance, this breed may look like a mop or a small poodle (gasp!) Their long, curly coat keeps them nice and warm in the winter and is a preferred breed for the show ring due to their full look. The Selkirk Rex breed is an excellent choice for those who don’t mind shedding. They also make great lap cats on those cold nights when you want to curl up in your favorite chair in front of a fireplace, with a good book. If you love the look of the Selkirk Rex but don’t appreciate all of the fur, there are shorthair varieties.

9. Sphynx

10 Unique Cat Breeds

They are known for being hairless, but they do have a very thin layer of down fur. They are unique because their skin is whatever color their fur would be if they had some. It’s not unusual for sphynx cats to have stripes. Believe it or not, these breeds are prone to obesity in their senior years.

Because they have no fur, extra fat is easily noticeable around their middle. If you want to keep your Sphynx lean their entire life through, consider investing in an automatic cat feeder with a slow-release feature to prevent them from overeating.

10. Ukrainian Levkoy

10 Unique Cat Breeds
Ukrainian Levkoy

These are among the strangest looking breed of cats, because of their lack of fur and folded down ears. These breeds are native to Russia and Ukraine, which may suggest that they do well in cold temperatures. However, the opposite is true; they need to be kept indoors and will often be found near heating vents, as their lack of fur makes them prone to being cold. They are affectionate and like to be around people, but also like their solitary moments as well.

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“10 Unique Cat Breeds: Most Unusual-Looking Cats”

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