4 Unusual Animal Friendships, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Unusual Animal Friendships

Why can’t we all get along?  I ask myself that question a lot whenever I read the news or hear a story about Unusual Animal friends, Hippopotamus and Tortoisethe worst aspects of humankind.  Then I come across photos like the ones I’m about to share with you and I ask it again, “Why can’t we all get along?”  Animals have natural instincts that generally make them either prey or predator, which is what makes me ever more fascinated at some unusual animal friendships that I have witnessed.  Here are just a few marvelous examples.

Rabbit and Fawn

Isn’t this sweet?  A real life version of Bambi and Thumper!  This doe was found by a woman one day, shivering on the side of a road next to its dead mother.  She brought the fawn home, named it Bambi, and nursed it back to health. She then started to introduce the fawn to her other animals, one of which was Ben, the rabbit.  The fawn took an instant likely to the rabbit and they became inseparable.  Aww.

Unlikely Animal Friendships, Rabbit and Fawn

Tiger and Piglets

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “wolf in sheep’s clothing?”  How about “piglets in tiger’s clothing?”  This image comes from the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand.  It is famous for its unique attractions, but its most famous exhibit is its coupling of pigs and tigers. This Bengal tiger is nursing and raising six piglets as her own, but animal experts say the tiger-skin coats are unnecessary and just part of the show.  In another part of the zoo, the tiger’s real cubs are being nursed by a pig. The zoo uses pig milk suckled directly from the sow to help the tigers grow faster. Although this setup isn’t harmful to the animals, Animal Welfare International has investigated the zoo and accused it of animal abuse and illegally breeding tigers.  Okay, not such a happy ending, perhaps, but, wow, this sure looks like it fits into the category of unusual animal friendships to me!
Unusual animal friendships

Hippopotamus and Tortoise

A tsunami swept a family of hippos in Africa out to sea in 2004, leaving a baby hippopotamus stranded on a reef.  The baby hippo was caught (by a man named Owen) and then was released into an animal sanctuary.  Frightened and confused, the hippo (named Owen) ran to a 130-year-old tortoise (named Mzee) and cowered behind him.  The two unusual animal friends became inseparable. Until the hippo was old enough to be introduced to members of his own species, he and the turtle spent their days together, feeding, cuddling and napping.  How many “aww”s can I get for that one?

Unusual Animals friendships, Hippopotamous and Turtle

Tabby Cat and Dolphin

Last but not least in my unusual animal friendships, I leave you with a short video of a cat and dolphin.  The cat’s name is Arthur.  The dolphins are named Thunder and Shiloh.  The video was taken at an Islamorada, Fla., marine park.  I just ♥ this video.  Enjoy.



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MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAYDo you  have any unusual animal friendships stories of your own?  Please share them in the comment section below.  I also accept guest blogs on the subject.  🙂

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39 thoughts on “4 Unusual Animal Friendships, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

    • I’m so glad that you stopped by to visit my site, Lesly. It is my pleasure to share my love and appreciation of animals with you. I love seeing animals of different special getting along, especially. It warms my heart and gives me hope. Peace

  1. Hi Jeanne,

    I don’t have any personal animal friendship stories to share. I wish I could say that all three of my cats get along but the two biological siblings give their adopted sister a hard time, and for no good reason.

    Have you ever seen the PBS show Animal Odd Couples? If not I highly recommend you do. It is such an awesome show, very heartwarming. It’s available on the PBS website. I’ll provide a link if you want.

  2. Hi Jeanne,
    I think sometimes the same
    and I like to look at this pictures it makes feel good.
    I for myself have no difficulty with anybody I love all kind of people.
    I have a nice story and I think often of it and I am sad that I never made a picture or video of it .We had a few years ago a wild cat and when I was milking the goats she was always there .One of the goats waiting for milking and the cat where very in love with each other .It was beautiful to look at this too .I gave the cat always a bit of the milk . But one day she was not there anymore and I found her on the street ,a car had hit her and she was gone .:(
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…Springtime Is Detox Time – Stinging NettleMy Profile

    • Oh, Erika. I love your story about the wild cat and your goat. It’s sad that the cat got hit by a car and killed. It’s too bad you don’t have pictures of them together. I would have loved to see those. Thank you for sharing your story. Peace to you. 🙂

  3. I found your article absolutely delightful! We sure can learn alot from the animal kingdom! There are many harmless species out there, but man is NOT one of them. I loved the photos…so awesome!

  4. What lovely, heartwarming stories these are, Jeanne.

    I am hoping that our cat and a kitten we are fostering will eventually come to terms with each other. The kitten has just learned that he can get the advantage by leaping on cat from a great height as he can’t be seen in advance.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Those Were The Days And Broken LinksMy Profile

    • Oh boy. Yes, cats will always be cats, right? If yours is anything like mine … well, let’s just say she doesn’t like cats. Sounds like the kitten is having a good time though. lol Thanks for your comment! Take care.

  5. What a lovely blog post! I’d seen the photo of the Bengal tiger with the piglets before but I didn’t know the tigers were being weaned by a sow! Yes, poor baby hippo! I loved the fawn and the rabbit! How great when animals reach out to each other! My dog likes cats, or at least doesn’t DISlike them. =D Thanks for sharing.
    Amy Bovaird recently posted…His Staff Guides My Feet … to Lakemount ChurchMy Profile

  6. Absolutely agree with you! It’s better if I say this first to me… I always feel I have got my mind blocked for a few people… I should start accepting the way they are! We’re all different and have to manage being with each other in any situation 🙂
    Shruti J recently posted…Hara-Bhara KebabMy Profile

  7. My Beagle Mix was a rescue and when we brought him home I was worried about him meeting our chickens. We also have four laying chickens we also consider pets. Prey verses the hunted. Although I would never leave him alone completely with them he has not shown any signs of attacking them. But even as humans we still worry even without physical cause. I have to say it’s a gut feeling.
    liz recently posted…Helping a Food Pantry & CommunityMy Profile

    • I understand perfectly when you say you have a gut feeling. It’s good to go with that. He is a beagle, after all. I’ve had dogs and chickens (and cats and pigs~) that all got along together. I think a lot depends on what age the animals are brought together. Thanks for reading my blog post! Come back soon!

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