5 Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better

Let’s face it, we love our dogs to pieces, but they don’t always smell like peaches and roses.

There are times when we go in for a cuddle, and we’re faced with something much more unpleasant. We don’t have to put up with doggy odor. Here are five ways to make your dog smell better.

Five Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better

1) Bathe your dog

Bathing may sound like the most obvious solution when figuring out ways to make your dog smell better; yet, not all new dog owners effectively bathe their dog. It is important to bathe dogs just enough to keep control over odor and dirt, but not so much that it may damage their coat.

If your dog rolls in something nasty, bathe them well when you get home. Take the time to get the dirt out of the whole coat. Rinse out any products with clean water at a comfortable temperature.

Also, don’t forget to take the time to dry dogs properly. Air-drying is convenient but may cause some odor if water gets trapped. This is a big problem for thick-coated dogs and those with skin folds. Take the time to towel dry thoroughly. Perhaps invest in a dog hair dryer if you have a fluffier dog. 

2) Always choose the right products

Some new dog owners will search for products that are appealing to the human nose. This may mean a shampoo they use themselves or something with a floral fragrance. Don’t do this! Products aimed at human users contain chemicals and harsh ingredients that can damage a dog’s coat or skin. They may also be an unpleasant scent for the dog.

There are lots of great dog-friendly shampoos that are kinder and have a nice, natural smell. Many of the best-smelling dog shampoos also have oatmeal for skin conditioning. It always pays to research the best products and compromise on what a “good” scent is meant to be. 

3) Brush their coats regularly

Brushing is essential when learning how to make a dog smell better. Dirt, dead hair, dander and more can build up in the layers of a coat. Over time, this can contribute to that doggy smell that is so off-putting. Regular brushing helps to remove all this debris and keep the coat fresh and clean. A good brushing session also helps to stimulate oil production and circulation for better skin health.

On top of that, it is a brilliant way to enjoy some bonding time with your dog. Again, it helps to choose the right tools for the job. Pick brushes and mitts that are effective and gentle.

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4) Keep an eye on their ears and teeth

A dog’s odor doesn’t always come from the dirt and muck in their coats. We often assume that they brought a bad smell in with them. But, the smell can sometimes be the result of infections and bad hygiene. A regular grooming regime needs to include their ears and teeth. Both are prime locations for bacteria and infection, so they should be cleaned often. This helps to prevent odor but also helps with the dog’s health.

Find products that are easy to use and that your pet is comfortable with. If they are happier to have their teeth cleaned with something like a finger-brush, use that instead.

5) Consider a change in their diet

Finally, there is one last source of dog odor to discuss. Some dog owners don’t think about this because they don’t want to talk about their pet’s flatulence. Others shrug it off as a regular part of being a dog. The truth is that some dogs can become overly gassy with the wrong diet. This can get pretty unpleasant and smelly. Also, there may be other signs of digestive distress and health issues related to the problem. This is where it helps to make a few dietary changes. Grain-free and soy-free diets are especially helpful for this condition. Talk to a veterinarian to find out more about specific nutrients and changes that could benefit your dog.

These five ways to make your dog smell better are a good basis for any dog owner struggling with doggy odors. You may find that one of these solutions solves the problem, or that you need a combination of them all. Keep up with the grooming and bathing of your dog so any odor stays under control. If you experience persistent odor, or it gets worse, you should always seek medical advice.



Guest WriterDawn Bradley is a self-confessed “dog person” and wildlife lover. She has written many guides at petlifeworld.com and other pet blogs with a desire to help our canine companions – and of course, their humans.


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