Cruel horse racing in one minute video

Cruel Horse Racing in 60 Seconds WARNING Graphic Images

Cruel Horse Racing Exposed in One Minute Video

WARNING : Graphic Images

Cruel horse racing was the undoing of Canadian Winner, the unfortunate horse who collapsed during the last race at Churchill Downs on the day of the Kentucky Derby earlier this month. Another horse then tripped over the fallen thoroughbred and had to be transported off the track. The fate of that horse, Appealing Alex, is unknown at this time.

Did you realize that an average of 24 thoroughbred horses at tracks around the country sustain catastrophic career- and life-ending injuries every single week as a result of cruel horse racing?  Watch this behind-the-scenes 60-second video and discover a culture of drugs, deception, and death.

WARNING:  this video is horrific and WILL make you cringe.

Published on May 15, 2014

What You Can Do to Help End Cruel Horse Racing Now

The drugging of horses for races is killing them. Please contact your U.S. representative and senators and ask them to support the Horse-racing Integrity and Safety Act of 2013, Senate Bill 973 and House Bill 2012, which would increase oversight and penalties for overusing drugs in horse racing.

I hope you have enjoyed, “Cruel Horse Racing in 60 Seconds WARNING Graphic Images

MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY:  Do you agree that horse racing is cruel?

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5 thoughts on “Cruel Horse Racing in 60 Seconds WARNING Graphic Images

  1. I’m disappointed that there’s not more about this in the news. Horse racing is cruel. They never televise the poor creatures that don’t make lots of money for their owners and what happens to them. I equate horse racing with bullfighting. Most of them end up as dog food because they’re unfit for anything after the abuse they suffer in the racing industry.
    Clara recently posted…Heal Acne With Mineral MakeupMy Profile

    • I agree with you 100%, Clara. It is true they never let you know what goes on behind the scenes. It’s pretty sad to put such a beautiful creature through such a grueling ‘sport’. Thank you for your sentiments. All the best.

  2. Jeanne I never got horse racing. Hit the tracks a few times, but after seeing a horse get injured, and likely put down, I realized quickly how wrong it was. Thanks for the share 😉

    • I’ve been to the tracks a few times as well. My ex brother-in-law used to bet. I never ‘got it’ either. Thanks a lot for taking the time to visit my blog, Ryan. Appreciate the comment too. 🙂

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