Best Natural Food to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit

Best Natural Food to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit

Providing proper food to the dog is vital for keeping him healthy. There are certain foods which can cause skin problems or allergies. Therefore, it is important to choose the best food to keep your dog healthy. Here is a short list of the best natural food to keep your dog healthy and fit.

Best Natural Diet to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit

Protein-Rich Food

A diet rich in protein helps in the growth and development of your dog. Try to include yogurt, fresh lamb, fresh chicken, curd, eggs, and real cheese. Remember to give low-fat cheese, and, in fact, you can feed your dog cottage cheese. Yogurt is not only rich in protein but also in calcium, which is good for your dog’s digestive system. Eggs are the best source for the protein-rich diet and are an excellent source of digestible selenium and riboflavin, making them a healthy food for your dog. We recommend giving your dog boiled eggs.

Dry Foods

Dry foods are rich in nutrients and convenient to feed and store. You don’t have to worry about problems with spoilage, and you can fill the bowl with dry food when you go to work or you are away from home. Dry foods are easier to store and remain fresh, giving your dog a better chance to stay healthy. There are many dry foods available in the pet shop. Visit this site and check on good dog food for pit bulls and for the best varieties of nutrient-rich food for your dog. Dry foods are an excellent choice for keeping your dog’s teeth in a healthy state too because of the required chewing involved.

Best Natural Diet to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit

Low Fat

It is necessary to feed your pet low-fat foods, due to obesity and pancreatitis problems. Avoid giving fatty foods and offer less meat. Instead of fat, provide carbohydrates-rich food to keep your dog fit.  Your dog will have more energy for keeping up with his physical activities. Some carbohydrate-rich foods having low fat calories are rice, barley, and pumpkin. Yogurt and cottage cheese are the right choices for keeping the dog healthy.

Vegetables and Fruits

Raw vegetables and fruits are good for the health of the dog. You can feed your dog carrots, which are low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins. Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber and Vitamin A, which is good for keeping the digestive system working properly. Green beans, being low in calories, make a great treat for your dog. Feeding your dog apple slices are good for healthy teeth and keeping the breath fresh.

Apples are rich in Vitamin A, and C but it’s important to take out the seeds out of the apple before giving it to your dog, as they can be a choking hazard. Apple seeds also contain a cyanide compound, which is poisonous if ingested in high doses.

Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and cabbage are also good for the health of your dog. Give him other fruits too, such as banana, pineapple, and guava.

Avoid feeding your dogs citrus fruits such as lemon and orange.

Avoid giving chocolate, alcoholic beverages, and tomato, as these can seriously affect the health of your pup.

Chocolate is Toxic to Dogs: What to Do if Yours Gets into Your Stash

Fish and Meat

Fish such as salmon and tuna are the best source of omega fatty acids, making them a good choice for feeding your dog. Your pup might not like fish when they taste it for the first time, but should soon begin to enjoy it. However, do not make fish a daily meal.

Beef balls are an excellent source of protein and vitamins, and boiled chicken and rice will likely be a combination that your dog will love eating.


Now that you know the best natural diet to keep your dog healthy and fit, try to include these foods in his meal every day. He’ll have a better chance of living a long and happy life with you.


Best Natural Diet to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Fit

Guest Author: Astor Morgan

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