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Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary

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Pigs, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, chickens, roosters, ducks, geese … A piglet on wheels, a three-legged lamb, even a few dogs and cats.  Impressive!

About 300 rescued farm animals live Edgar’s Mission, founded by Pam Ahern and named after her first rescued pig, Edgar.  Edgar Alan Pig, akathe pig who started it all” sadly passed away shortly after his 7th birthday party in April 2010. Edgar, a gentle giant, touched so many people and was an amazing ambassador for pigs and farmed animals everywhere.

Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary

Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit Farm Sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary is set on 153 peaceable acres situated just outside of Lancefield, nestled in the tranquility of the Macedon Ranges, Australia.

Edgars Mission farm sanctuary provides life-long love and care to over 300 rescued animals.  Their purpose is seek to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals as much as possible.  They wish to education people about the humane treatment of animals through outreach programs in schools, markets, expos and community events.

They provide people with information on how their lifestyle and dietary choices impact animals and the world around them.  Their hope is by having the public meet their animal ambassadors and learning about the plight of farmed animals, that people will be empowered to make more informed and compassionate choices.

Why do farmed animals need rescuing?

It is widely known that millions of farmed animals lead short and miserable lives.  They may spend their entire life in crates, unable to move.  They may never see the light of day, never experience the warmth of the sun on their bodies, never feel grass under their feet.  Their purpose may simply be to breed, their babies being taken away from them almost immediately.  Some suffer from horrible cruelty that should be outlawed but often isn’t.

Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar’s Mission says:

As custodians of this planet, we have been guilty of playing favorites. We have designated some animals friends and some animals food. Yet they are no different. All share the same ability to suffer, the same need and desire to experience life, for it to have joy, meaning and purpose.

Edgar’s Mission provides you with a glimpse into a different world – a merciful world.

Edgar’s Mission Statement is Simple:

Edgar’s Mission seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. We offer sanctuary to farm animals in need while working to expand the public’s circle of compassion to include all animals. We endeavour to achieve this through education, advocacy and empowerment and promote compassionate and cruelty free living. Our mission is simple, our mission is kindness.

Statement of Purposes:

  1. To provide shelter and direct care for homeless, abused, injured or abandoned animals.
  2. To find permanent homes for mistreated and abandoned animals and to promote adoption through education and example.
  3. To promote compassion, understanding and respect for all animals. To promote responsible and humane treatment towards animals in our community through the provision of advice, education and information.

We will do this by acting to the highest ethical standards we know through non-violent means emulating Gandhi’s words “We must be the change we wish to see”.

For a better world for us all.

Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary, Compassion for all Animals

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NOTE:  This post was written as part of the Blog the Change for Animals Campaign, where bloggers who care about animals in need gather to write about their favorite animal-related causes.  I chose to feature Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary because it represents a different sector not normally thought of when one mentions “animal rescue.”

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19 thoughts on “Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary, Compassion for all Animals ‪#‎BtC4A‬”

  1. Hey Jeanne,

    This is the first time I am visiting this site and I think we both think the same way. I too love the animals and fight for their rights. I really love the content here. Awesome effort done Jeanne.
    pendant light


  2. The name Edgar Alan Pig made me laugh out loud. Farm atrocities are ever prevalent and sanctuaries are too far and few between. I love learning about new ones, particularly ones exhibiting a sense of humor in a world where horrors seem to outweigh the good.

    Thanks for blogging the change,
    Kim C.

    • The name made me laugh out loud too, when I first heard it. Priceless. It’s true that sanctuaries for farm animals are too few and far between. I admire this farm so much for what they are doing for abused, tortured and abandoned farm animals. Thank you for taking the time to look at my post, Kim. I appreciate you!

  3. I love this post. I hate that animals suffer, no matter animal they are. I firmly believe educating the public is key, so I’m happy to see this happening here.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Jodi. Are you the gal who has 2 dogs named, Samson & Delilah? If so, I went to your blog earlier to day for a visit. Yes, I hate to see an animal suffer as well. I’m happy that Edgar’s Mission is focusing their education on the general public. Come back soon!

  4. What an amazing place!! I love that you chose this subject – there’s so much that happens in the farming world that we should know about, and seek to change, for the sake of the animals. This sanctuary is so impressive, their love for the animals truly making a difference.

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Kim. I’m glad you appreciate what Edgar’s Mission is doing for farm animals. We hear about cat and dog rescues all the time, but rarely about cows and sheep. 🙂 I hope you’ll visit us again! Take care.

  5. Jeanne – this subject always brings sadness – yet your story brings hope for some – my prayers always include help and healing for all of God’s creatures! Thank you for this important post.

  6. What a wonderful cause. I especially appreciate that the sanctuary goes beyond just rescuing farm animals in need and reaches out to the community to educate on ethical treatment of all animals regardless of their human deemed purpose. Perhaps teaching the children compassion for all life will mean we won’t need more places like Edgars.

    • I love that Edgar’s Mission goes out into the community as well to educate the people. Folks love seeing the animals and interacting with them, which makes all the difference in the world. Thank you so much for stopping by, Bethany. I appreciate you!

    • Excellent! Thank you for sharing with your friends. I’m glad you stopped by. I’m going to go visit your blog now. Curious about your title, “Help End Pet Overpopulation With a Photo” Cheers. 🙂


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