Guide to Insurance and Health Care for Your Pet

Insurance & Health Care for Your Pet

One of the most rewarding relationships many people have is with their pets. Pets make us happy. They rarely do anything other than that. However, despite how wonderful it is to own a dog, cat, or another critter, being a good pet owner does not come without significant expense. The most significant expense of all for most pet owners is usually for pet healthcare costs. Thankfully, pet insurance can help to pay for this expense. Insurance and health care for your pet go hand-in-hand.

A Guide to Insurance and Health Care for Your Pet

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance quite simply is insurance bought to help cover the healthcare costs required to take care of a pet. It is very similar to health insurance for human beings. Like regular health insurance, it will require paying premiums to maintain the coverage. A yearly deductible must also be paid before the coverage will start paying for pet health expenses. Certain plans may also include co-pays.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

There are certain things that pet insurance is likely to cover. Many pet insurance plans cover injuries sustained from accidents such as your pet being hit by a vehicle. If your pet develops an illness after you have purchased the coverage, this will likely be covered, even for things like cancer and arthritis. Chronic conditions like these are generally included. The cost of diagnostic tests like an X-ray or MRI is also likely to be covered. A stay in a veterinary hospital, such as South Seattle Veterinary Hospital, may be covered under certain circumstances.

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What Does Pet Insurance Not Cover?

However, there are some things which pet insurance is unlikely to pay. The big one you should be aware of is pre-existing conditions. While pre-existing conditions are no longer a reason to deny a human being health insurance coverage, this law does not extend to animals. Pet insurance will also not pay for expected pet healthcare costs like spaying or neutering, vaccinations, routine wellness exams, and teeth cleanings.

Choosing the Right Pet Insurance Plan

While what is listed above is generally true, it may not be for all kinds of coverage. Different pet insurance plans from various insurers can vary a lot. Don’t make any assumptions. Read up on different plans and do a series of direct comparisons. Consider what kinds of healthcare costs you are most concerned about regarding your pet before you make a decision.

Overall, we love our pets. However, being a pet owner is a big responsibility, and this includes paying for your pet’s healthcare costs. Those costs can sometimes be very high. Consider purchasing pet insurance to help protect you and your pet when unexpected health costs arise.


“Guide to Insurance and Health Care for Your Pet”

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