Parrot Safety Over the Holiday Season

Parrot Safety Over the Holiday Season

While Christmas and New Year’s are perfect opportunities for families to get together and catch up with old friends, it can be a stressful and potentially harmful occasion for pets. In this article, we will discuss parrot safety over the holiday season.

Parrot Safety Over the Holiday Season

Here’s our quick guide to keep things on an even keel for the Yuletide season:

1. The Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are usually the center point of any festive decoration but can cause problems for parrots. Real trees are a big attraction for your average feathered friend. The trouble is a parrot flying onto a Christmas tree, in particular, can cause it to topple. There’s also the potential for your bird to start nibbling at the pines; real trees can be coated with insecticides or preserving agents.

Fake trees can be just as attractive to a parrot, so our advice is to put your tree in a room where the bird isn’t likely to go. Baubles, ornaments and even lights can seem like shiny new playthings, and the last thing you want is your parrot swallowing something dangerous or getting electrocuted. Make sure you keep things like cables out of the way, so you don’t risk your parrot getting tangled up.

2. Getting Fragrant at Christmas

Parrots are prone to respiratory conditions and introducing things like scented candles can cause a problem. You may be reasonably safe with beeswax candles which are more natural, but you should keep these down to a minimum and make sure there is plenty of ventilation if you do light one up. Even plugin scents can cause a problem, so if you’re thinking of buying one or two for Christmas, you might like to reconsider if you have a parrot.

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3. Parrots and Visitors

We all know that Christmas time can get pretty hectic. There are friends and family visiting and often kids running around, and this may mean that your parrot will get stressed out and might need a bit more love and attention than usual. Like many pets, parrots prefer a stable environment, so make sure you take this into account. Try to avoid anything like loud music or lots of noise as these can stress out your bird.

One thing you’ll need to be aware of is making sure that people don’t open doors or windows, thus giving your parrot the opportunity to explore the outdoor world.

4. Watch the Grub and Drink

Another problem with Christmas is food. There’s lots of it about and plenty lying around in the kitchen and living room. Be careful what you leave out as your parrot will no doubt try to have a little nibble on something new. Not all of the feast you have out will be good for them. For example, parrots have been known to choke on nuts. Sometimes even alcoholic drinks attract them.

We’ve all burnt something while cooking for Christmas. The trouble is this can be very bad for your parrot, especially if you have non-stick pans which can release dangerous fumes. Keep on top of your cooking and keep your parrot out of the kitchen.

5. New Year’s

New Year’s can sometimes be a lot more raucous than Christmas Day, so it’s best to keep a watch out for problems until the New Year’s Eve celebrations have come and gone. One particular problem will be fireworks, which can be disturbing for your bird as well as your other pets. Make sure you close all windows, shut the curtains. Putting on the TV to drown out the sound of the explosions at midnight is also an option.

Paying attention to parrot safety over the holiday season means that all will be well and you’ll be able to happily ring in the new year.

Happy New Year, 2018

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