Popular Dog Breeds Around the World Infographic

Popular Dog Breeds Around the World Infographic

Just like how everyone has their favorite type of pizza or Beatles song (sweet chili chicken and Help!), everyone also has their favorite dog breed. Some people like them short and long, some people like them fat and round, and almost everyone likes them when they’re a border collie.

Popular Dog Breeds Around the World infographic
Image: Image by filabrasilero from Pixabay

What countries like which dogs the most, though? How many adults own pets? Do men and women have different tastes?

Our friends at Kennelstore have answered those questions and a few more with their Popular Dog Breeds Around the World infographic below!

Who would have thought, French people like French Bulldogs and German people like German Shepherds! Talk about patriotic.

Whether you already have a dog, or this infographic has made you want one, you better make sure you take good care of them! Luckily, Kennelstore provides high-quality wooden kennels that prioritize your dog’s comfort as much as their safety. Perfect for the canine of your dreams, and just as good for dogs you don’t even like!

“Popular Dog Breeds Around the World Infographic”

Special thanks to kennelstore.co.uk for the use of this graphic.


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