Puppy Mill Awareness Day : September 19

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Puppy Mill Awareness Day (PMAD) takes place every September to spread awareness of the awful truth behind the puppy mill industry. This year it falls on September 19th.  The purpose of this day is meant to encourage people to adopt a pet — not purchase one.

The movement began in 2004 in Pennsylvania. Since that time, animal advocates across the United States have joined to honor this day by holding protests, organizing adoption events, and leading marches or walks. Anyone can host a Puppy Mill Awareness Day event in their area. Click here for an extensive list of ways you can participate in your community.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day September 19 is meant to spread awareness of the awful truth behind the puppy mill industry. - www.animalbliss.com

About Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding facilities. Each year, two and a half million animals are bred in puppy mills and sold for profit, despite the overcrowding in animal shelters and severe over-population of dogs.

Signs of Puppy Farming and How to Spot Unethical Breeders

Last Chance for Animals, says:

Dogs in puppy mills are kept in cramped, filthy conditions and may have inadequate food, water, and medical care.  Many of the breeder females are bred to death.  They give birth to litter after litter, and eventually become so beaten down that they cannot conceive anymore.  At this point, they are usually killed, since they are no longer able to make their owner money.  Puppies are sold to pet stores as young as 8 weeks old, many times with false paperwork and illnesses yet to be discovered.  Illnesses are frequently overlooked, and animal health documents are easily modified.

Erin Gleeson, an Outreach Specialist at 1800PetMeds, reached out to Animal Bliss with a request to share one dog’s story.

Regina, an English bulldog, is presently a happy, well-loved pet. But before that, she was a puppy mill breeding dog, kept in a cage with minimum human contact, with the sole purpose of being repeatedly bred for the first five years of her life. Her puppies were all taken from her and sold in pet stores and online.

By the time she was rescued by rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue, she had terrible dental problems, an infected former surgical site, and several mammary tumors, not to mention the psychological problems from years of living in a wire cage. She needed urgent dental work, hernia repairs, mammary tumor removal and spay surgery.

The good folks at 1-800-PetMeds host the Change a Pet’s Life Contest, an event started in 2009 to encourage pet adoption and draw attention to the many homeless pets in the United States. It takes place on January 2 every year.  Regina won the 2016 contest, which secured a grant that covered Regina’s multiple surgeries and medical care.

After two surgeries and some recovery time, she recovered fully and was adopted out into a loving family.

This is Why Adopting a Pet is So Important

Watch Regina’s video. It’s informative with eye-opening facts about puppy mills and the condition the dogs have to endure, their only job being to produce puppies.

What a horrible, deplorable industry. Please watch and share. We want as many people as possible to become aware of puppy mills by showing them and how they treat dogs.

For more information about Regina, click here. Regina has a great home now, but National Mill Dog Rescue has many, many more dogs just like her that are still waiting for their first real homes.

Thank you, 1-800-PetMeds, for your care.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day: September 19. Please share. Share on X



Do you have an adopted puppy mill pet? We’d love to hear from you.

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