Secret Life of Crows [Infographic] – Intelligent Bird Species

Secret Life of Crows

Crows are amazing creatures that are often misunderstood. Some people see them as pests, but crows are impressively smart. The mysterious secret life of crows points to intelligence, curiosity, memory, and problem-solving.

Did you know that the crow has the highest brain-to-body ratio of all bird species and their intelligence is thought to rival that of dolphins and apes?

If you don’t believe it, you might change your mind when you find out that crows can remember faces. For example, in one experiment 7 birds were captured by scientists wearing creepy masks and were then let go. When the scientists walked through the area again with the masks on the crows would scold and divebomb them, but without the masks, the birds would not react.

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Crows also have amazing problem-solving skills and can work together to obtain out-of-reach food, and they can drop rocks in water to gain access to food.

Crows live in very close-knit families and raise their young for up to 5 years.

The infographic below from Capital Garden Services takes a looks at how intelligent these animals really are.

The Secret Life of Crows: an Infographic

Secret Life of Crows [Infographic] – Intelligent Bird Species

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  1. There is a nest of crows in my neighbor yard and every morning they come toward me crackling when I feed the outdoor birds WHY are they mad or what


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