Teacup Cat Breed – Unique Cat Breeds, Designer Cats

Teacup Cat Breed

The Teacup Cat breed is one of the world’s smallest specially-bred cats and is considered rare. Teacup cats are simply smaller versions of a regular-sized cat with proportional body size. These tiny cats command a very large price (anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000).

Teacup Cat Breed - Unique Cat Breeds, Designer Cats
Image: Ted Johnson, Flickr, https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedsblog/92344234

Teacup cats are adorable yet nothing short of looking like designer pets. As is often the case with rare breeds of domesticated felines, the ownership of such cats entails constant care and attention.

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Characteristics of the Teacup Cat Breed

The genetic makeup of a teacup cat is the result of years of breeding. Contrary to what a lot of people think, teacup cats are not conceived having the same attributes as their dwarf (the Munchkin cat) and “miniature” cousins. They are bred to become much smaller versions of the Persian cat, the only recognized breed from which most teacup cat varieties originate.

While standard female adult cats weigh 11-14 pounds, true teacup cats weigh 3-6.5 pounds on average.

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Problems with Teacup Cats

Specially-bred cats such as Teacups often come with their own baggage — that being congenital defects.

Some of the health problems they can experience include enlargement of the heart and heart murmurs, poor muscle development and soft bones, neurological problems, seizures, blindness, and a shorter lifespan.

Because of their small frame, teacup cats require delicate handling and should not be adopted or sold before they reach the age of five months.

Care of  Teacup Cats

Teacup cats need extra-special care and attention and should be seen by a vet within the first few days of bringing them home. Your Teacup may need to have more frequent veterinarian visits than a standard cat.

Teacup cats are wonderful for folks who live in small places who have the time and the means to pamper these precious little kitties.

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  1. I was buying a puppy from a breeder and out came the tinniest full grown cat I’d ever seen. She looked just like my Maine coon whom passed away last year, except she was 3/4 or less her size. I couldn’t get her off my mind. I’d never heard of a teacup cat.

    Earlier today I called the breeder and told her how deeply I’d fallen for the little thing and, since she got so little attention there, could I possibly buy her from her.

    After a little thought, she said I could have her!!!!! I can’t wait. I’ve even order a few shirts that have kangaroo pouches to hold her near my heart if she wants.

    Then I came here and found out that she is a Teacup Cat. I never knew they existed! I can’t wait to go get her.

  2. That’s so cute that teacup cats weight between three and six and a half pounds on average. I have decided that I need a pet, and I think that the smaller the better. I’ll have to find teacup Persian kittens for sale that I can buy one of them.


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