4 Tips to Turn Your Backyard into a Wildlife Friendly Habitat

Turn Your Backyard into a Wildlife Friendly Habitat

Are you an avid bird watcher or wildlife lover? Do you wish to hear the chirp of birds throughout your day or see a fox or deer feed in your own backyard? Making your home into a wildlife friendly habitat is easier than you think!

Turn Your Backyard into a Wildlife Friendly Habitat with These 4 Tips

1. Provide Food

The appropriate animal feed will likely draw them into your yard, and no, we aren’t talking trashcan scraps. Birdseed is an easy way to get birds flocking to your home. Consider putting in a pond, and various plants that attract the type of insects animals feed on. Plant trees and shrubberies like wild plum and huckleberry that produce nuts and berries animals love to eat. Let your grass grow high and long in places to encourage rabbits. Plant nectar-induced plants like lavender to invite bees.

2. Give Shelter

Give wild animals a reason to set up residence in your yard by providing a safe resting environment where they can raise their young. Keep things as natural as possible. Don’t get rid of dead trees and shrubbery so quickly. Build small log piles to give hedgehogs and amphibians a place to settle. Plant a variety of shrubs and trees throughout your property. Refrain from frequently mowing the lawn and trimming plants. As you allow your yard to overgrow a little, animals will more likely set up home.

3. Make Water Available

In addition to the provision of food, another great necessity for the sustainability of animal and plant life is water, and ensuring its availability is crucial. Finding a more suitable method of collecting and managing rainwater, as well as the maintenance of its flow to your backyard is an excellent way of ensuring the availability of water. Birds are three times more likely to die due to lack of water compared to the lack of food, especially during winter, which makes it necessary to keep the sources of water fresh and clean.

Turn Your Backyard into a Wildlife Friendly Habitat with These 4 Tips

4. Wildlife Yard

There are various combinations of plot mixtures that can draw wildlife into your yard and most of these contain leguminous forbs like alfalfa and clovers and non-leguminous forbs such as brassicas and chicory. You can find plot mixtures at places like Central Farm and Garden or your local gardening store. Choose the plot mixtures that are best suited for your location and remember always to adhere to the instructions provided on the label of whatever herbicides you utilize. It is additionally important to rid your garden of any invasive plant species, which in turn eliminates competition for nutrients and light, allowing your plot mixture to blossom and providing an ideal habitat for wildlife.

As you create your wildlife-friendly habitat, it is important to meet the standards set by the National Wildlife Federation which sets basic requirements. Certify your backyard and help support programs that assist wildlife across the nation. The inclusion of wildlife in your backyard will complement the natural and aesthetic value of your home and provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere for both your family and the animals, to enjoy.

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