What Does the Sloth Say?

What Does the Sloth Say? Nothing But Cuteness Video

What Does the Sloth Say?

So … what does the sloth say?  I recently did a post about a multiple of fox sounds you may not know existed and got a lot of feedback on that.  Some people realized for the first time that they’d never heard a fox before, or thought they hadn’t.  Well, I’m willing to bet that you’ve never heard what a sloth says either, so here it is.  Enjoy, and please share.

What Does the Sloth Say?


I hope you have enjoyed, “What Does the Sloth Say?

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What Does the Sloth Say?


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15 thoughts on “What Does the Sloth Say? Nothing But Cuteness Video

  1. The baby sloths are so adorable.They sound like they are saying “Ma”.That is the cutest video that you shared.Thanks.

  2. So cute! I love learning about all wildlife. I’ve always liked giraffes and would it interesting to know more about them!

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