Severe Shedding: How to Deal with Excessive Pet Fur

Severe Shedding

How to Deal with Excessive Pet Fur

Guest Author: Dixie Somers

Most dogs and cats that live in the home shed regularly. No matter how much you try, you may be dismayed to find that there are balls of fur rolling across the floor minutes after you have vacuumed and strands of hair attached to your clothing immediately after lint rolling your pants. While there is no way to rid one’s home, car and clothing of pet fur entirely, here are some options for keeping the shedding under control.

Severe Shedding: How to Deal with Excessive Pet Fur

Keeping Furniture Fur-Free

If you allow your pets on your upholstered furniture, you may find that it is too full of fur to sit on any longer. To keep upholstery fur-free, many owners have found great success vacuuming the furniture regularly or using sticky lint rollers for spot-cleaning. Also, a slightly damp sponge or microfiber cloth will help ball up the fur.

Protecting the Car

The best option to keep hair off car seats when transporting a pet is to cover the backseat in a specially designed slipcover or an old blanket. Cats are best transported in carriers, eliminating the problem altogether.

Dealing with Clogged Drains

If you give your dog or cat a bath in your home tub, you may find that the large amounts of fur quickly clog the drain. You could decrease the amount of fur going down the drain by installing a mesh hair trap to collect the fur. However, if the clog is already in place, consider a chemical clog remover meant specifically for hair, such as Liquid-Plumr. If the clog is serious, consider contacting a plumber to fish the clog out with a plumbing snake instead.

Keeping Dust Bunnies under Control

If you are replacing your flooring in your home, consider either tile or hardwood floors, which provide the easiest surfaces for sweeping or wet-mopping. If you simply must have carpet, try choosing a color that matches your pet’s fur, eliminating the unsightly hair buildup when you do not have time to vacuum every day.

Practice Good Grooming

Of course, the best tip for reducing excessive shedding is to stop it in its tracks. Grooming, which should include daily brushing for most breeds of cats and dogs, is vital for removing loose fur and improving the coat’s vitality. You may find the best success by using a brush that is shaped like a glove for your dog or cat to feel as if they are getting petted rather than brushed.

While shedding is a normal part of owning a dog or cat, you do not have to spend your life ruled by constant fur flying about your house. Instead, start with daily grooming and see how the shedding decreases over time.

Severe Shedding: How to Deal with Excessive Pet Fur


Dixie SomersGUEST AUTHOR BIODixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write about women’s interests and the home niches. She lives in Arizona with her husband, three beautiful daughters and a spunky Jack Russell Terrier who makes life interesting.


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Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.

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Dixie Somers

4 thoughts on “Severe Shedding: How to Deal with Excessive Pet Fur”

  1. Yes, Jeanne, nothing like at least one cat on the lap and a dog on the feet! Just three critters feels lonesome now after 12 but if I want to RV travel with them, it’s enough. They went nearly 1800 miles with me driving alone over Texas for two months the end of ’15 and we all absolutely loved it. My maiden voyage with the travel trailer! Use it or lose it, as they say.

    As for shedding, I have hardwood floors so I tell people I just turn the ceiling fan on high, let the fur fly to the corners and call it snow drifts.

    • Haha! Barbara, I love your solution with the ceiling fan! We just 4 days ago had all our carpeting taken out and now we only have hardwood floors (they were under the carpet). In only a couple days, the cat hair was all over the place. Yikes! Anyway, it’s awesome that you had the opportunity to travel like that. I’ve done months-at-a-time travel experiences too, but never with a pet, except on shorter camping trips. It sure would be fun with a travel trailer. Bravo! Nice talking with you. Peace out.

  2. Love your emailed blog, also just followed you on Twitter. Interesting info on bearded dragons, love learning about things I don’t have. I do have I yellow lab, 2 Amer. Shorthair cats, all rescues, down over time from 6 of each, total of 12.


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