A Boy and a Bearded Dragon, a Wordless Wednesday

A Boy and a Bearded Dragon : a Wordless Wednesday Post

A Boy and a Bearded Dragon Wordless Wednesday I present to you … my Grandson and my Bearded Dragon. Landen will be one year old TOMORROW! Shirley turned one last month. It’s a fascinating thing … Here’s Landen’s famous “kiss” for the lizard   … forehead to forehead … (Nice and safe.) Here’s Shirley getting … Read more

How do Chameleons Change Color? Their Secrets Revealed

How do chameleons change color? (Their Secrets Revealed)

It is a common misconception that chameleons change their color to match their environment.  Rather, chameleons change their color when they are frightened, angry, stressed — or in response to temperature or other environmental changes, as well as being responsive to light.  Hormones that affect special pigment-bearing cells in the skin cause the color change.  … Read more

Shirley Has Awakened, 25 Days Sleep

Shirley Has Awakened

Shirley Has Awakened! Shirley has awakened!  Shirley is my Bearded Dragon.  She has been going through a process that Bearded Dragons go through called “brumation.”  It’s a lighter version of a bear’s hibernation and the process varies from dragon to dragon.  Some sleep for days, some for weeks, some even for months. I was glad … Read more

What Kinds of Intestinal Parasites Can My Reptile Get?

What Kinds of Intestinal Parasites Can My Reptile Get?

There is a long list of possible kinds of intestinal parasites that your reptile can be infected with. Some cause a problem (in larger quantities) while some veterinarians believe others are normal for your pet to have (in smaller quantites).  If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What Kinds of Intestinal Parasites Can My Reptile Get?”, read on. Click … Read more